Our commitments


Our CSR strategy

Our CSR strategy is based on three key elements:

  • a vision for 2027 that guides us,
  • 5 pillars that structure our approach,
  • 23 commitments for 2023,

In our vision, collective intelligence drives our development; CSR is at the heart of every project. Our organisations, our workplaces, our processes, our internal and external communication and our products have been transformed. This transformation is ongoing: our CSR report presents our results and concrete actions.

Our approach requires us to work with our users and customers, our employees, our suppliers and our partners. And because climate change and pollution impact all of our stakeholders, especially our farmers, we want to offer products and services that are more environmentally friendly, both in their use and maintenance and in the way they have been produced. Offering a durable and versatile loader that is fully adaptable to the work of the farm. Our responsibility also includes the development of easy-to-use, comfortable products that safeguard the health of farmers.

The occupational health and safety of our employees is also our responsibility, and is a key issue. You can read about our 23 commitments for 2023 below, presented by pillar.

Loïc Mailleux, Frédéric Martin

“The 2027 vision informs and guides our actions. We have defined an intermediate point:
23 precise and concrete goals for 2023, which are understandable to everyone, and above all which specifically bind us to each of the five pillars of our CSR commitment.”

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