M-extend has been creating innovations to support farmers in their everyday work for 70 years. “Innovative products to make handling work easier for farmers is what drives us every day at M-extend.” »

Our branded products are designed with and for the agricultural world. Because every farmer has their own demands, and handling is an integral part of their daily work – whether digging, lifting, moving, pushing, flattening, spreading or scraping – you need to be equipped for the task.

The tractor-mounted front loader remains the most versatile handling equipment on a farm. The variety of implements that can be attached to it makes it indispensable for all types of structure. ​

It is equally suited to moving pallets and bulk loads, attaching buckets or towing, on any type of ground. ​

There is something for every need, from manoeuvring around a building to levelling a piece of land. As for animals, whether it’s dairy cows, horses or pigs that are your concern, a loader can be used around the clock. It must be robust and hard-wearing.

Mucking out pens, distributing feed, preparing rations, straw blowing; there are implements for all these activities! Whether the work is heavy or light, the loader will not get tired out. It is the Swiss army knife for both arable and livestock farmers. It makes light work of everyday, regular, repetitive handling tasks.

Philippe Boursault – Design Office technical officer and former farmer

Handling is a very important aspect of every farmer’s life, for storage of feed and produce and for transport around the farm. In the past, packages typically weighed 50 kilograms and could be stored by hand. Today, carriers deliver bags ranging from 500 kilograms to 1 tonne. In practice, farmers are responsible for unloading their deliveries, and without handling equipment this is impossible!