Who are we ?

M-extend’s mission is “Making handling easier for farmers” . It is indicative of our promise to enhance and simplify the lives of farmers by developing innovative agricultural handling solutions. By talking to them, and observing what they do, we reduce the burden of recurrent, everyday tasks.

OUR VISION Armed with our mission statement, and in a fast-changing world, we have set out our VISION for 2027. Our vision is to remain firmly rooted in our strong industrial business foundations, while forging further success and development through our three drivers.

The user, our priority

In the agricultural tractor handling market, M-extend has made the relationship with the users of its products and services its essential method of development and innovation in all areas.

Simply digital

M-extend has successfully digitised by simplifying, automating and optimising all its processes

CSR at the heart of our actions

CSR is at the heart of the strategy and at the heart of all of M-extend’s orientations and decisions.

OUR VALUES Together, we are guided by three values; these values translate into everyday behaviours that every employee must adopt


Accountability is central to the behaviors expected within the company.


Because we believe in collective intelligence, cooperation is essential: it involves listening to others, engaging in dialogue and valuing collective decision-making over individual points of view.


Boldness is encouraged in every employee. It means overcoming your own barriers and having the courage to propose new ideas and improvements.